Terms and Conditions


1. Admonet LLC is responsible for the best possible quality of the website along with
customer consultation.
2. Admonet LLC is committed to providing the customer with the best possible email option, ie. the above “Google Workspace” package, except when this is not possible (for example, when updating the server when
need to turn off the mail server, or website server, which usually happens at night when most users are asleep.
3. The client or the other contracting party must meet the following conditions:
-Photos, texts, concept of the website, all information related to the website sent in time, so that Admonet LLC can timely and professionally update the information.
– Pay the debts or installments specified in this contract on time.
In the event that the “customer” breaks the deadlines for sending information / content required for the creation of the Website, Admonet LLC is not responsible for it.
-Admonet LLC is not responsible for the content on the Website (eg texts, images, videos) anything that could be misused. For example, a client submits a picture from a competitor’s website, we add that picture to the website at the client’s request, and the client is sued by that firm (from which he took the picture). In this case, Admonet LLC does not bear any responsibility, because all changes are made at the request of the client.
In case the buyer wants to terminate the contract, he is obliged to pay 70% of the total amount specified in this contract.
Admonet LLC reserves the right to terminate the contract with the customer at any time
And stop all payments related to the contract signed by the buyer.

Website design process:
The process of creating a website in this case takes 30 to 60 days.
Website design can take place as long as the contract is active.
What does that mean? This means that e.g. the buyer is undecided
And he cannot decide between different options, he (the buyer) can request changes several times, as long as the contract is active.

When creating the Website, Admonet LLC reserves all rights to use customer data, and some of this information is the logo, address, email, phone number and all other information sent by the customer via Internet communication or email address.

Admonet LLC uses photos of professionals when creating websites.
Photos, designers whose licenses are paid regularly
monthly or annually in order to provide the customer with the highest quality photos of all kinds (from what is available on the platform, Admonet LLC pays for the license or the right to use them).

-Payment is made through the “direct debit” option, or monthly subscription. In order to start this process, the customer will forward the bank account data (Company name, IBAN, company address).

-The buyer will enter the data (name, email address and IBAN) on the form via the link https://direct.admonet.com, after which the request will be sent to the client’s bank, which he should accept.

Once the client accepts the request, the installment payment process will be initiated.
-At the beginning of each month, the client will be automatically charged the amount specified in the contract under the word “monthly”.
-In case the client does not want to pay the installments, ie the subscription, and has already signed the contract, he is obliged to pay 70% of the total amount stated in the contract. In the event that the client does not want to pay 70% of the total amount, Admonet LLC reserves the right to sue the buyer in order to exercise their rights in court.

Admonet LLC reserves the right to request payment from the client directly to the IBAN account in the event that the direct debit does not work or is being repaired.

To create an email address for a customer:

-After the customer pays the first installment specified in this contract, Admonet LLC will, in agreement with the customer, create a professional email address on the platform “Google Workspace” or “GSuite” in the format info@nazivdomene.lu or any other available format desired by the client.

Access to e-mail address:
The customer will receive access to the email address within five working days (from the day of payment of the first installment), as well as all the necessary information to use it.

The customer can use the email address immediately after creation, regardless of whether the website is active (online) or not.

The responsibility for the use of e-mail addresses and services provided by Admonet LLC lies with the customer. What it means? For files, photos, anything on the servers, the responsibility lies with the customer.

Design selection:
The customer will receive five examples (samples) of design, so that he can choose the most suitable design for his needs, ie the needs of his company.

After the customer selects the design or sample of the design to be done, Admonet LLC will start creating the website.

The customer will receive access data so that he can access the website that will be locked during the development, so that no one else can see the content on the website until he is ready to go online, or until it is unlocked.

After the customer chooses the design, there is no possibility to choose a new design, because in the meantime, they will actively work on the selected design.

The customer reserves the right to make changes at any time (as long as these changes are real), by first forwarding them to the email address pay@admonet.com, and then our team will make every effort to enter them on the website as soon as possible and update .